To ignite the genius in every child. We do this by using technology to bring the best quality education to underserved communities. We give priority to Title 1 schools with a large population of first generation immigrants and at-risk students.

Our Didactic Method


Students learn in the classroom or homeschool using the PreK12 Plaza personalized learning approach and resources.


Every learning experience has an opportunity for reflection and review.


Students become protagonists of their learning journey when they are able to re-teach what they've learned using our co-creation tools.


Each student takes ownership of the lesson by reviewing, improving and enhancing each other's work.

Online Math & Language Arts Practice

Read original fiction and informational non-fiction stories with our leveled eBooks. Rich, developmentally appropriate content helps students build oral, narrative, and vocabulary skills. Kids can record a book with their own voice or the voice of a family member.


Reinforce stories and concepts with a printable. Preschoolers can practice and develop their fine motor skills by tracing, coloring, and cutting. Print a printable or a set of flashcards to continue learning.


Teachers can create incentives and reward tickets in our Rewards Store. Students earn virtual money which can be used toward adopting endangered animals in the jungle or sea.

Reading Program

Track your student’s reading progress.

Educational Courses

Fun and engaging games to help your kids discover the joy of learning!

Device Compatibility

Access our resources confidently and securely with tools you already use.

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